Awaiting 4 births this week!

June 14, 2006 at 7:18 am (Uncategorized)

Just 1 more day, till 4 wonderful births this week! I’m hoping for 9/9s again, hopefully at least 3 pures, like last week. I’m crossing my fingers!

My 5ex platinum tortie burmese female is past 60m, (I forgot about breeding her before 60m, now I can’t SAP her anymore). *reminding myself to breed her!*

Also reminding myself to breed my 9/10 mixed breed Minskin female, with SH.

So next week’s breedings will consist of 2 pures + 2 free breeding slots for my Wollygog project. Also, I haven’t quite confirmed the name, Wollygog yet. Might have to create a thread in “General” to ask the Purefelinity Community for their opinions.


Oh and remember to update SAP List website tomorrow! Or at least once more this week.

-BlackJack- (#30357/#30310)


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  1. jacklynnorton96370 said,

    Good job, Hannah! The extent of the cover up is so profound that the news of Suzanne Swift doesnt even make the local news. Im going to forward thi Click

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